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Christy ✮✮

Hey #1 counselor,

How is Cali? Seattle is finally getting sunny but its still really cloudy of course… I miss that California sunshine 🙂 How are things… I just got done closing all but 1 of my charges from before treatment and I haven’t gotten any new ones.. I’ve almost completed my probation for my other one that is still open… But it seems like slowly but surely things are turning around! I think about you an everyone down there all the time… As soon as I can leave WA better believe ill be paying a visit!!!! I hope every thing has continued to go good for you, thanks again for everything you have been a big part of why I continue to fight everyday… Even when giving up is the easiest way out…

Much love sent your way.
Your always in my prayers.

♥ kait



I spent 4 months in a inpatient treatment facility in 2012. During that stay I was paired with numerous counselors and even the program director due to my “complicated case”. Despite all of their credentials, not one of them was able to connect with me. They could not reach beyond their previous education and think outside of the box. I was treated much like a lost cause. That is until Christy showed up to do groups with our facility. Immediately, it was evident that she had no intentions on wasting anybody’s time. Engaging, direct, honest, relate able, she had a way of coaxing even the most hard headed without them realizing it. She got a house full of sick, broken, angry and confused girls to actually dig in and start analyzing themselves. And enjoy it!! And she did all of this with clear love and support and zero judgement. Something many of us were not accustomed to. I owe Christy more than a thank you. Something much deeper and life saving.

Thank you for your feedback and you all have a been a delight to work with and hold a special place in my heart Keep up the good work and more blessings your way!!



Date: September 29, 2014
To Whom It May Concern (and that would be you if you are honestly looking for help):

I met Christy Lennox-Brock in February of 2013 while I was in a rehabilitation center being treated for chemical dependencies. We had group therapy daily, sometimes two and three times daily. These groups were facilitated by a variety of different counselors. Some groups were helpful and naturally, some groups, not so much. However, Christy’s groups were different. Myself, and all of my fellow patients always looked forward to groups led by Christy. They were informative, interactive and enlightening—they were different from the other groups. That’s because Christy is different—she is bright, smart, funny, honest and compassionate (but she can’t spell to save her life).
In Christy’s groups you felt as if you could drop your guard and ask the questions you really wanted answers to without fear of being judged or misunderstood. Christy is sensitive, honest, intuitive, and a true advocate of sobriety and mental health. You know from the start that she is on your side and there to help. Christy listens. Christy understands you, even when you don’t understand yourself. She doesn’t pretend she hasn’t “been there” and she is clear that the journey to wellness is a process and not always a clear straight line. But she’s there to guide you along your own path to discover how to get well and stay well.
Christy is also an inspiration without being preachy. She is a shining example of recovery and how it can change your life for the better. So many of us came to treatment feeling hopeless. Christy knew how we felt and offered hope and positive help. And she demonstrated in her own manner, not just in her personality and in her intelligence, that given half a chance, there is a beautiful person inside all of us if we give ourselves half a chance to discover that person. And I love that you can laugh with her.
I am now 17 months clean and sober. In that time, my son has moved back to live with me and is now a straight A student, I am engaged to a wonderful man, I have a good job, a crazy dog, an elegant cat, and plenty of good friends. Christy was a very real part of my journey from self-hatred, shame and despair to real happiness, constant stability and hope. She has my never-ending gratitude. People do recover and Christy can be a genuine help to achieving sobriety and mental health. Thank you Christy! You truly are wonderful!



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