Medical Billing

Medical BillingIntroduction of new quality and Ethical service

When obtaining an authorization, concurrent reviews and collaborating with the insurance companies, their case mangers on the call are Licensed and have degree”s. They make that clear in the beginning of each call.
 The majority of other billing companies do not have licensed clinicians/degree/certified or experienced in the industry, handing a clients case through the Utilization review process, at Lucrative Consulting our staff hold a degree, are Licensed or Certified with years of experience in the industry.  This is a valuable asset we bring.
It should be mutual on both sides in handling a individuals plan of care. Don’t you agree? I think the family and the client would. Your clients need your qualified staff during their stay in  treatment to provide quality care. Let us do our part in maximizing their length of stay with our qualified team. Connect now for a consultation. For more information click here!