Medical Billing  

When obtaining an authorization, concurrent reviews and collaborating with the insurance companies, their case mangers on the call are Licensed and have degree”s. They make that clear in the beginning of each call.
 The majority of other billing companies do not have licensed clinicians/degree/certified or experienced in the industry, handing a clients case through the Utilization Review process, at Lucrative Consulting our staff hold a degree, are Licensed or Certified with years of experience in the industry.  This is a valuable asset we bring.
It should be mutual on both sides in handling a individuals plan of care. Don’t you agree? I think the family and the client would. Your clients need your qualified staff during their stay in  treatment to provide quality care. Let us do our part in maximizing their length of stay with our qualified team.


Behavioral health Billing Service and Consulting

Lucrative Consulting specializes  Medical Billing, training, and consulting to the addiction treatment industry.

In the billing industry, every addiction treatment center, rehab and other organizations that deal with substance abuse have their own requirements.  Medical billing and substance abuse billing is not the same thing. With our reputed Substance Abuse Billing services, the individual and customized needs of every organization are met efficiently.

For in-patient or out-patient addiction treatment centers, this means that they have to make deals with insurance companies in order to provide good rates. Substance abuse in itself is hard to over come. It can destroy an individual and their families life and those who get help deserve to get it for reasonable amounts.  Lucrative Consulting well help your organization focus on what is important – our Clients and their families, while we handle the payments and insurance process from the beginning to the end of their care.

Addiction treatment centers have to put all their focus on client care. Substance abuse is one of the most common forms of addiction. It requires constant help in a drug rehab with monitoring of Clients to prevent relapse and help them stay committed to their recovery.


Lucrative Consulting collaborates with insurance company’s while advocating for our clients, to get the amount of time in your care. The services we offer are beneficial to save time and for patients to pay treatment centers without the issues.

Medical Billing Services

The advantages that are associated with using a medical billing company are

Lucrative Consulting can provide you with fast and accurate billing, follow-up on collections, an information resource sensitive to physician, staff, and patient questions; a source of reports, and assistance with processing insurance claims and meeting complex compliance issues.

Keeping Your Records Up to Date

Record-keeping requirements continue to grow in patient care. Accurate and proper record keeping is essential for correct billing. A medical billing company can help ensure that you meet these requirements, maintain your records properly, keep your records current, and are able to access any information from your records quickly and efficiently.


Claims Processing

If you need assistance with processing claims, patient billing, or meeting compliance issues, you
will want to explore medical billing services. If you are overwhelmed with trying to keep up with industry changes, Lucrative Consulting can save you time and money. If you are tired of dealing with insurance carriers or dissatisfied with your collection rate, Lucrative Consulting service can be of immense value.



New Practices

Starting any new business can be difficult, especially, one that involves complex coding and compliance issues. If your medical practice or substance abuse treatment center is new and you are just getting started, Lucrative Consulting can help you concentrate on the actual practice of medicine and relieve you of overseeing billing issues or recruiting and training employees to do the job. Most important relieve you of the time and has to treat your clients

Billing for Specialists

Healthcare billing services typically employ billing specialists who are familiar with a particular healthcare field. For instance, a podiatrist could more than likely find a billing service specifically geared toward filing claims for his type of practice. The billing service would have an understanding of the specific medical codes and terminology necessary to prepare and submit an acceptable healthcare claim for his practice. Furthermore, Lucrative Consulting understands the applicable regulatory requirements. For example, claims to government payers, such as Medicare, must be submitted electronically and must be in a format compliant with HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability &
Accountability Act of 1996. To achieve compliance with the standards of HIPAA, many healthcare insurers require that claims be electronically transmitted to them. However, most billing services will still accept a healthcare provider’s paper claim, and as part of their services, will translate the claim into the proper electronic format. Some billing services acceptclaim information over the telephone, fax, or across secure internet connections

Utilization Review Services

Our licensed and experienced clinical staff can help maximize your Client’s benefits by obtaining maximum stays based on clinical necessity and best practice at the highest levels of care.

  • Utilization Review by qualified clinicians
  • Online live reports to track concurrent reviews.
  • Skilled clinical provides peer to peer support.
  • Collateral case management and planning with clinical staff.
  • Key understanding of health care processes to ensure longest lengths of stay.
  • Single case agreements negotiated

Additional Services Available:

Chart Auditing


Set-up & Training for In-house billing