CCAPPUpcoming CCAPP conference! This year’s conference will be held at the San Diego Mission Bay Hyatt Regency; the conference committee, board and staff is excited to be in San Diego! At this conference we want to look towards the future and prepare for the next steps in the growth of our profession, with workshops to assist professionals in increasing their knowledge in medically assisted treatment approaches and interventions, multicultural competency, co-occurring disorders, prevention methodologies, supervision techniques, professional and personal growth, ethics and many more interactive training opportunities. Looking forward to the upcoming event, if your CAARR, CAADAC or professional in the field don’t miss it! For information Check it out at Great event get your CEU’s, network meet the most staff in the field af Drug and alcohol studies, Have fun in the sun and a amazing hotel on the beach! Don’t miss it, It can be a start of your new journey1 CAADAC and CAARR first annual conference is around the corner.CAADAC